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Vocal Compositions
Extract from Embers 
Animation by Benjamin Brookes
An extended exploration of the voice in textural landscapes.
A collaboration with Juliet Fraser - April, 2021
// I / AM / WOMAN // is written in response to the recent, historical and continuous inequality women face within society.
Holbourne museum.JPG
Old and New - 
Commissioned by The Holburne Museum for Sparkfest - Bath, 2019. Collaboration between Alice Brookes, Andreia Fraga and Sophie Navarro.
Electroacoustic Compositions
The Beacon - By Joseph Williams

Filmed and edited by Benjamin Brookes

Accompanied by a section of When Silly Thoughts Bump Heads

A journey utilising spoken word and electronics to explore the affects that phones and social media have on society.
Instrumental Works -
For access to scores please contact
For Live Ensemble, Voice and Electronics
Recorded December, 2021
Written for 12 saxophones and more recently arranged for Big band as ORANGE Fizz.
Orange was originally workshopped in May, 2021


For Solo Piano

W i l l o w

For Brass Quintet
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