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Alice is a vocalist, composer and improviser currently based in Manchester. Trained in classical singing but with a vast curiosity for sound and exploration, Alice has adapted the skills and experience she has of the classical world to navigate new music and collaborate with composers and other artists to push the boundaries of performance, using her voice as an instrument to explore different sound worlds and possibilities within both other peoples music and her own. Her craft seamlessly combines the disciplines of performing and creating - they are intrinsically linked within her writing style and creative process. Collaboration forms a key part of Alice’s work as both a writer and performer - recent collaborators include - performer/composer, Manon McCoy, composer Sam Longbottom and writer and poet, Alastair Hesp.


Alice's compositions benefit from a holistic, improvisatory approach with the voice being her primary compositional tool. When considering a new piece, Alice uses her voice to improvise melodies, layering them to sculpt harmonic progressions and create delicately nuanced textures. These are then edited into electroacoustic works or transcribed for specific ensembles.

Alice has studied Music in higher education through to masters level, learning under many different tutors including Larry Goves, Laura Bowler, James Saunders and Matthew Sergeant. Alice studied classical singing for 5 years, performing frequently in recitals, musicals operas and with choirs. This in depth training has provided her with an excellent array of techniques and timbres in her voice which she employs within her compositions and in performances of others work. 

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